About Me



Welcome to deepakpani.com your dedicated online website about internet marketing, digital marketing and making money online strategies. Who am I? That is a great question, let me introduce myself. I am a honest and serious person, who is specialized in helping other people turning their passion into a business and monetize it online.


My specialities

It is not a secret that this kind of services are not easy to find or, to be more precise, that it is hard to discover high quality internet marketers. Especially the online world is full of websites that claim to offer valuable and inexpensive solutions to make money online, but are not able to provide them. I wanted to change this paradigm.  I wanted to allow everyday Joes to learn the techniques that make a business successful.


Your happiness, my mission

Customer’s satisfaction is my only goal and I constantly work very hard to make sure my clients have a flawless experience. I take care of every issue that might arise before, during and after the consulting session took place, allowing you to rely on me for whatever need you might have.

I spend a lot of energy and resources researching the best strategies on the market and improving them, using my unique touch that my clients know and love. During the past few years, I have worked with hundreds of company, helping them get their money right once and for all.


The uniqueness of my service

I have a certification in Google Analytics and Google Adwords. You see, I do not only pretend to know what I am talking about, I actually know it. In the “marketing niche”, this seems to be a point that it is often overlooked and most people do not take in consideration the actual experience of a consultant. After having worked with well over 100 different companies, I can assure my customers a unique consulting experience. I offer digital marketing training to corporations and individuals that want to improve their skills and convert more customers.


Now it is on you

This is who I am and what I stand for. Now it is your time to take your marketing game to the next level. Browse around and take your time: you will find the information you were looking for.