Know the ways of doing Keyword Research in a Smart Way

Effective keyword research for digital marketers has become an important skill. They need to know the way to develop for SEO and PPC a good list of keywords and smart content marketers employ the practice of keyword research and analysis to find the topics and the phrases to be used while writing.


There are a few guides on keyword research and analysis that is a target model and it means following a process:

  • Develop a seed list
  • Expand the list with keyword research tools
  • Refine with competitive research


Developing a seed list


The initial keyword ideas set are the seed list. Use this list in combination with your product and make a list with keywords on your product terms and brand, but there is no need to come up with complete synonyms. Begin by:

  • Researching your audience. The terms used by your audience to describe the services or products, the relevant terms used in daily lives. Also check the comments, blog posts, LinkedIn groups, forums, etc.
  • Identify the search terms used now with the help of Google webmaster tools, analytics tool and consider an internal site search as well to see the terms users are looking for.
  • Keep a watchful eye to check if you missed anything and do get some suggestions. Make use of tools and do keyword researches, but you need not spend hours on visiting sites.


Expand the list with keyword research tools


It is time you expand your keyword research list using tools. Open your choice of keyword research tool and enter the keywords. If you do not have any keyword ready, you can find it at Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool. The fact is that traffic in majority comes from Google and the PPC traffic is also in good proportion, so you can get words. Now, here are some tips to use it:

  • Check keywords that are interesting and download it. You can enter seed terms to the keyword idea and download it once you have completed.
  • Group the words such that you are able to enter at a time more than one keyword, but ensure it is grouped.
  • With keyword research, go for exact match search, so that the searches come relevantly. This offers you better search traffic.
  • Put filters as you wish, depending on the location and language you are interested in and set up columns.






Refine with competitive research


After keywords research, having a list calls for refining and zeroing on best keywords. It helps SEO writing and also in optimizing. Generally, here zeroing in about eliminating less interesting keywords and here are few factors worth considering:



  • Focus on categories of the keyword. It should be closest to your target center.
  • Give numbers to the keyword research and analysis Use the higher value keyword as it indicates more competition. Remember, the numbers relayed on the Google’s is only from the paid search.
  • Semantic grouping is effective as they are tightly connected words groups.


There is no rule to have a big keyword research list. However, it also depends on the size of your service or product. Keywords categorizing helps in capturing the interest of the searchers and thus you can develop, expand and refine the list.

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